Bison grazing

Bison are majestic herd animals entrenched in nineteenth-century American history. Natives to this land thrived and relied upon bison (or buffalo) meat and utilized the whole animal making products from buffalo hide, bones, horns, and fur. Hunted almost to extinction in the late 1800s, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to appreciate its sweet and tender meat today.

It wasn’t until its recent popularization as the healthiest of red meats that most people were even aware of availability of bison meat.  Although these animals once grazed on lush grass and vegetation of the plains and mountainsides, many modern producers are opting for a grain-based diet or finishing the animals on grain before processing. But at Owl Creek Bison, our bison are grass-fed and grass-finished, which takes more pasture and more time.  Our meat is also dry aged in a temperature and humidity controlled locker (7-10 days) and then packaged.  This also takes more time and expense than ‘wet aging’ where an animal is harvested then processed into individual vacuum bags ASAP.  It is these additional processes that cost more and take more time, but produce a better tasting meat. See for yourself. Stop by and see these majestic  animals roaming the hillsides of southern Ohio.